[Translate to english:] Qualitätskontrolle von Rohstoffen und Wirkstoffen

Quality control of raw materials and active Ingredients

Analysis for the cosmetics industry

The quality of cosmetic products is significantly determined by the quality and goodness of the raw materials used. This means that all raw materials for the manufacturing of cosmetic products should conform with defined specifications to guarantee a stable level of quality.

In Switzerland, the EDI (the Swiss Federal Department of Home Affairs) defines the allowable materials and sets the requirements for their purity. In the EU, the corresponding factors are regulated by EU Regulation No. 1223/2009 from the European Parliament and by the Council on Cosmetic Products.

As your contract laboratory for analysis in Switzerland, we are accredited according to ISO 17025 and are GMP and cGMP (FDA) certified. You will receive chemical and microbiological quality controls as well as professional consultation and competent service from one source. As part of the process, we consider ourselves to be a part of your quality system.

The comprehensive range of analysis services from our laboratories allows us to carry out just about every test that has been described, in-house from one source. This includes testing identity, content and purity, and will be carried out in specialised laboratory units.

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Legislative requirements for cosmetic products and raw materials

Cosmetic products made available on the market must be safe for humans when they are used in a normal fashion or in a fashion that is reasonably foreseeable. Forbidden and allowed materials for the manufacturing of cosmetic products are listed in the legislation. It is however the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure that their products contain no impurities that could endanger the safety of the product.

For this reason, it is necessary to determine and monitor the contents, the purity and all possible limit values of unavoidable impurities of the raw materials. Taking account of the chemical structure of the ingredients, their purity as well as their physical, chemical and physico-chemical characteristics, analytical methods for their identification as well as qualitative and quantitative controls must be developed.

If analytical methods for certain raw materials have already been described in the Food Code or the Pharmacopoeia, then using these methods as the basis for the quality control process is definitely a good approach.

Contrôle des propriétés chimiques : mesure du pH de matières premières en cosmétique
Contrôle des propriétés chimiques : mesure du pH de matières premières en cosmétique

Quality control in accordance with the customer’s requirements

If you have your own monographs for raw materials or active ingredients, we would be pleased to test in accordance with your specifications.

Following a method transfer, we will incorporate your monograph or testing guidelines into our SOP system and carry out the tests correspondingly as instructed


Currently existing test methods at ufag laboratorien

The following test methods can be performed by us in-house:

  • Physical and chemical testing
  • Spectroscopic testing
  • Chromatographic testing
  • Microbiological controls
  • Bioanalytical methods

Our services in detail:

Analysis of raw materials for cosmetics: Preparing a sample digestion in a microwave oven
Analysis of raw materials for cosmetics: Preparing a sample digestion in a microwave oven

Infrastructure and Methods

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