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Stability Testing and In-use Tests for Cosmetic Products

Tailor-made studies and contract analysis for the cosmetics industry

The legislature, retailers and ultimately, the consumers have high requirements regarding the effectiveness, stability and the safety of cosmetic products. Alongside the safety considerations, stability is of decisive importance for all cosmetic preparations.

The goal of stability testing is to discover how a cosmetic product or an ingredient changes over a defined period of time under certain conditions (temperature, air humidity, light). Among other information, the shelf-life and the recommended storage conditions for the sales article can be derived from the results.

Are you looking just for storage space or for complete study implementation? As a GMP-accredited and FDA-registered contract laboratory in Switzerland, we will have the best solution for you. Whether it is storage, comprehensive support beginning with the planning of the study, method development and validation or the final stability studies, you can take advantage of our experience from 15 years of stability studies.


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Planning stability studies

Testing of the stored product batches can be performed directly on-site in the laboratory of UFAG Laboratorien.
Testing of the stored product batches can be performed directly on-site in the laboratory of UFAG Laboratorien.

Stability studies are a central component in the development and marketing of new cosmetic active ingredients and products. The tests guarantee that your product or ingredient fulfils the specifications of the given storage conditions over the entire shelf life.

Every stability study is treated as a customised order. Depending upon the product and the project phase, you will require a range of services co-ordinated to your requirements over a wide range of climatic conditions as well as physical, chemical and microbiological tests.

Selection of the analysis parameters to be tested and exact and reliable project planning are the fundamentals of obtaining meaningful and significant data. The suitable methods and correct storage conditions appropriate to the climate of the target market both need to be determined and sampling schedules must be developed. The ICH guidelines Q1A-Q1F serve here as a reference.

In-Use Stability Testing

The purpose of the in-use stability tests is to define a time period over which a cosmetic product can be used after being opened while guaranteeing the quality within defined specifications.

The testing is designed so that the products are stored and appropriate sample quantities are taken as would occur with normal usage of the preparation. Physical, chemical and microbiological tests are carried out and the in-use shelf life is determined from these results. The procedure is described in guideline CPMP/QWP/2934/99 of the EMEA.

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Cosmetic products can be stored in stability chambers with a variety of climatic conditions.
Cosmetic products can be stored in stability chambers under a variety of climatic conditions.

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