FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here You Will Find the Answers to General Frequently Asked Questions.


Information and help regarding the ordering process and filling out orders of analysis can be found under ordering information.


Questions relating to order processing

For whom is our service intended?

Which information will be required for your order?

Price: What does the analysis cost?

Express orders: Which special features should be considered?

Test results: How quickly will the test results be available?

Shipping - Guidelines for smooth transport

General information on the transportation of samples

Sample Size: How much sample material should be sent?

Packing: How should samples be packed?

Sample cooling

Is a sample letter of advice required?

International sample shipping to Switzerland / customs: It’s that simple!

Is it possible to hand in samples in person outside of normal business hours?

Microbiology samples: Guidelines for timely sample receipt

Water for microbiological testing: Guidelines for shipping

General Questions

GMP: What is required to ensure that an analysis is GMP-compliant?

Limit value - Standard value - Expected value

OOS: I have received an OOS message: What should I do?

Verification of Pharmacopeia-Methods

Guidelines for special analyses or services

Sample collection: controlled transport via UFAG employees

Sampling: Sample collection by a qualified UFAG employee

TOC (Total Organic Carbon) samples: Important information on sampling

Water for microbiological testing: Sampling

Food analysis and agroecology

Special features and additional service

Test results online: How do I view or retrieve my test results?

If you have not found the answer to your question here

If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please contact our customer service department. We will be happy to advise you on customer-specific questions and projects.

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