Determination of Silver

Determination of Silver

Silver ion release and content determination in high-tech materials

Silver ions have a proven antibacterial effect. This characteristic is used both in medically related applications and in everyday objects:

  • Silver-containing textiles, sutures and fibres - for the inhibition of bacterial growth
  • Silver-containing surface coatings such as paints, varnish and coatings (e.g. refrigerators, kitchen furniture)
  • Silver coated water filter cartridges
  • Silver doped cleaning cloths
  • Wound dressings with colloidal silver
  • Plastics with silver doping for use in medical engineering
  • Medical products with integrated silver for wound healing

As a GMP-accredited contract laboratory in Switzerland, certified in accordance with ISO 17025, we will analyse for you the content of silver in your products or their silver ion release.

Analysis of quality control for silver-containing products is not heavily regulated. We will develop analysis methods for you in accordance with your customer-specific requirements. As part of your quality assurance systems, we will test for the quality-relevant parameters that you have defined.


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Product-specific requirements profiles for quality testing

With such a wide variety of uses for silver in products, there are also a very large number of analytical questions:

  • How high is the content of silver?
  • Is the distribution of silver or silver ions uniform over the entire production batch?
  • How quickly do silver ions dissolve or are they given off?
  • What does the elution profile for silver-containing medical devices look like?

Measurements taken with modern spectroscopic instruments allow silver to be quantified in to the range of a few ppm in the case of the ICP-OES and into the ppb range for measurements taken with ICP-MS.

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Determination of silver and other metals using ICP-MS
Determination of silver and other metals using ICP-MS

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