#Oligonucleotide - promising therapeutic approaches

An increasing understanding of the genetic basis of rare diseases in combination with newly created therapeutic approaches is opening up a whole new spectrum of opportunities in the development of new drugs. Specially designed oligonucleotides are able to reduce or prevent the formation of certain (mutated) proteins associated with genetic diseases by intervening in the process of gene expression. Because of this, oligonucleotides are ideally suited for use against rare diseases, known as orphan diseases. 

As a result of their structural properties, oligonucleotides pose a challenge in terms of both manufacturing and analysis. It is often the case that only very small quantities are available for the development and validation of analytical methods and for the purposes of quality control. UFAG Laboratorien supports customers with customized analytical services for everything from pre-clinical and clinical phases through to product commercialization. 

In addition to typical analysis techniques for the characterization and release of single strand or duplex products, UFAG Laboratorien offers extensive complementary services in the fields of formulation and trace analysis, biopharmaceutical testing, and the characterization of dose forms and containers. Our integrated service is complemented by the ICH and GMP-compliant performance of stability studies along with a maximum reduction in material consumption. 

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