UFAG LABORATORIEN will provide information about the latest developments in the areas of foodstuffs, agroecology and pharmaceutical analysis here. Our experts report regularly about innovations in analytical techniques, the latest trends and special items from the varied and diverse world of the laboratory.


Fri, 20.04.2018 Aerial photograph of UFAG Laboratorien AG

UFAG Laboratorien AG – Laboratory services from Switzerland

UFAG Laboratorien AG is today one of the market-leading, independent service laboratories for foodstuffs and pharmaceutical analysis in Switzerland.growth site The laboratory, whose origins at the...

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Thu, 13.10.2016 Testing food for marketability

Testing food for marketability

The term ‘marketability testing’ is primarily used in the context of retail trade products and describes the testing of compliance with food law requirements and product-specific quality standards of...

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Mon, 19.09.2016

The verification and validation of pharmacopoeial methods

The analytical examination of raw materials, auxiliary materials and active ingredients, from examination on receipt to approval for the market, is important for the quality of drugs. For them to be...

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Tue, 09.02.2016

Listeria at work – what should be done?

Consumer safety should always be the top priority when it comes to the manufacture, processing and storage of food. Pathogenic bacteria such as Listeria monocytogenes should not be detected anywhere...

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Fri, 13.11.2015

Determination of heavy metals in drugs

New approval regulations markedly increase the requirements for heavy metals trace analysis in drugs. Instead of the current normal wet chemical limit tests, spectrometric elemental analyses will be...

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