Food preservation by spray drying

Over the centuries mankind has developed numerous methods for preserving and storing food. One method is preservation by extracting water, commonly known as drying.

The industrial drying of food began around the end of the 19th century, and continues to be used to this day in many areas. This is used not just to dry actual foodstuffs, but also their flavours and extracts.

A process which is deployed from laboratory settings to large-scale production is spray drying. This makes effective use of the increased surface area principle.

In the article “Using Spray Drying to Preserve Food” (“Mit Sprühtrocknung Lebensmittel konservieren”) published in the journal “Lebensmittel-Technologie 09/2012”, Michael Güthlin outlines the spray drying process stages. The article also describes the benefits of outsourcing production stages to external contract manufacturers.

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Spray drying: interior view of the spraying tower
Spray drying: interior view of the spraying tower
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