Quality assurance of fruit juices

Fruit juices are highly complex food products with a wealth of valuable ingredients. The relatively high analytical costs involved in quality assurance are justified, given the expectations of consumers in respect of product quality and their trust in pure, healthy food products.

Constant product development in this field and the processing of exotic fruits present new challenges with regard to quality assurance.

Having first progressed from classical wet chemistry to chromatographic methods, modern analysis is now often in the form of trace analysis in the ppb range. Highly complex food products like fruit juices may – depending on the performance requirements – call for the use of the entire spectrum of analytical methods.

In his practically oriented article in the current edition of Lebensmittel-Technologie, Jochen Büttner, Head of the Microbiology Section, describes which parameters are used with which analytical methods and techniques – against the background of the legal requirements.

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Quality control of fruit juices: yeasts under the microscope
Quality control of fruit juices: yeasts under the microscope
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