Quality control of lactose-free dairy products

Dairy products also play an important role in the diet of people with lactose intolerance. They provide valuable nutrients, which first have to be added to dairy substitute products. For this reason the dairy industry offers this consumer group a wide variety of lactose-free foods – from lactose-free infant formula to gourmet products.

The special manufacturing process of lactose-free foods is based on the enzymatic splitting of disaccharide lactose into glucose and galactose. As a result of this, lactose, which many people do not tolerate, is almost completely broken down.

Various country-specific regulations concerning the “lactose-free” declaration require exact information on the residual lactose content of the products.

In order to meet even the most stringent requirements, an analytic verification procedure has been developed which not only measures the lactose, but the complete sugar profile as well.

In her article published in Lebensmittel-Technologie 04/2012, Susanne Täuber explains the quality control of lactose-free dairy products.

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Qualitätskontrolle lactosefreier Milchprodukte
Quality control of lactose-free dairy products
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