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Information for the completion of orders of analysis

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Purpose of the analysis 

Please let us know the purpose of the analysis. This is mandatory information and is requested by the authorities.

Quality standard

Our laboratory is accredited in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 17025. All tests are subject to this quality standard. GMP Standard Requirement: There exists a Quality and Technical Agreement (QTA). In addition to this, all GMP guidelines must be met. Please tick US-cGMP if the tests are being carried out for the US market and/or the results are to be submitted to the FDA. We will be happy to advise you. Please contact our customer service department.

Parameter, method/technique 

Please enter the exact designation of the parameter and the method here.


Total organic carbon, gemäss Ph. Eur. Monograph 1927, “Water, highly purified” Other example filled-out orders of analysis can be downloaded below this graphic.


We perform tests in accordance with the current version of the Pharmacopoeia by default.

For the GMP-compliant implementation of the analysis, a method validation or verification may need to be performed in advance. If this has already been performed, please state the corresponding order number here (xx-xxxxx).

Please note that e.g. a change of supplier or a change in the manufacturing process may require validation or verification to be repeated in order to meet the GMP formalities.

Do you have any questions regarding validation or verification? - Please contact our customer service department.


Enter the specification and the corresponding unit here.

Note for gmp analytics:

If the information provided differs with respect to the value, unit or accuracy of monographed values, a review of the validity of the method is required. We will be happy to advise you. Please contact our customer service department.

Do you have any special wishes or requests? Please enter these here.

Please indicate here the purpose for which you require the analysis. In the case of storage tests: Please provide us with the desired analysis date. If necessary, please use the “Comments” field for this purpose.

Enter the specification, limit value, expected value or standard value, and the corresponding unit here. This information will help us to select the optimal analysis technique for your order.

If you are unable to find the desired analysis in the above list: please enter your request here.

Order with Informal Order Letter

You are welcome to use an informal letter or your SAP or ordering system to place your order.

However, in order to process your order, we need some mandatory information from you.
More about this and further guidelines for ordering can be found in the next section.


Required information
  • Company name indicating the legal form
  • Full address
  • Billing address if different from client address
  • Contact person
  • E-mail address and telephone number of the contact person
  • Sample name
  • Lot/batch no.
  • Number of containers and volume of content per container
  • In the case of multiple containers:
    • Should a mixed sample be prepared?
    • How should the mixed sample be prepared?
    • Which tests on individual samples and which tests on mixed samples?
    • Storage conditions (e.g. temperature, special conditions)
    • Safety guidelines (e.g. toxicity, risk and safety statements, narcotics, biohazard, MSDS)
    • Purpose of the analysis (e.g. release testing, R&D, licensing, etc.)
    • Scope of testing (parameter, method and specification)
    • Quality standard (e.g. GMP, US-cGMP, ISO 17025)

If some of the required information is missing or incomplete, there may be a delay in the processing of your order.

Express orders

A confirmed reservation is mandatory. Please contact our customer service department.

For express orders (≤3 working days), we charge a supplement of 50 %.

Express processing in the field of microbiology is limited by the required incubation times.

Our customer service department will be happy to advise you.

Further Guidance
Sample size

The required sample size depends on the type and scope of tests (individual, double or multiple determinations).

Guideline values can be found in our directory of services or in the “additional information” of offers. Samples that are too small may result in delays in order processing.

If you have any questions regarding the required sample size, please contact our customer service department.

Indicating the quantity of the contents of a container helps us to assess whether the sample material will be sufficient for the tests.

Sample packing

Please pack the samples carefully, taking into account the possible hazard potential.

Use bubble wrap to prevent glass-on-glass impacts. Please always enclose a material safety data sheet (MSDS) or refer to potential hazards.

For the shipment of hazardous substances or high active substances, specific legal provisions apply which must be observed. This may include shipment in special transport boxes and external identification as a hazardous substance.

If you wish to ship your hazardous substances using the Swiss postal service, you can find more information about shipping hazardous materials here: https://www.post.ch/en/business/a-z-of-subjects/dropping-off-mail-items/sending-dangerous-goods

Do you have further questions? - Our logistics department will be happy to advise you.

Sample cooling

When should materials be cooled?

Temperature-sensitive samples should be tempered to exclude the effects of temperature on the test results. It is possible to record and assess the temperature throughout the entire transportation process using data loggers. If you have any questions relating to temperature monitoring, please contact the customer service department.

Cooling using cold packs: what should be considered?

The cooling capacity of cold packs is often overestimated. Please use a cold pack with a cooling capacity which is adequate for the sample size and cooling time. At least 3-4 cold packs are recommended, even for small samples.

Please note: cold packs should not be allowed to have any direct contact with the sample material.

Please make a note on the written order if we are to return the cold packs to you.

Cooling with dry ice: what should be considered?

The transport of dry ice must be declared as hazardous substance transport; the appropriate rules and surcharges apply.

Sample letter of advice

Sample letters of advice are generally welcome and help us to plan order processing and to improve its efficiency. You will benefit from this in terms of shorter delivery times, where possible.

Express orders:

A confirmed reservation is mandatory. Please contact our customer service department.

For express orders (≤3 working days), we charge a supplement of 50 %.

Express processing in the field of microbiology is limited by the required incubation times.

Our customer service department will be happy to advise you.

International sample shipping to Switzerland / customs

Sending samples from the EU to Switzerland is simple and easy if you observe a few points for shipping:

The following documents must be enclosed with the shipment:

  • Commercial invoice or Proforma invoice*
  • Shipping documents / movement certificate in five copies*

*The number of documents may vary depending on the parcel delivery service.

If your company already has a contract with a parcel delivery service, you can prepare all the required documents using the corresponding shipping software.

Commercial invoice

Each shipment outside of the EU is subject to customs duties. This means that samples must be accompanied by a Proforma invoice. 

This must contain the following information:

  • full description of all content, e.g. “xxx sample for analysis”
  • Value of goods: in order to ensure that the samples do not pay additional duty charges, please enter a goods value upwards of €1 for the whole shipment. This allows the analysis samples to remain free of duty.
  • Information on the origin of the goods.

Finally, please sign the Proforma invoice.

Shipping documents

The consignment note contains all the details of the shipment and accompanies the shipment until its delivery to UFAG Laboratorien AG. The consignment note number allows you to track your shipment via Track & Trace.

The consignment note should contain the following information:

  • sender information
  • full recipient’s information
  • telephone number of contact person at UFAG.

Delivery times:

There are different rates with different run times depending on the parcel delivery service used.
Generally, express services in Switzerland deliver in 1-2 days. In the case of standard delivery, parcels can take 3-4 or more days depending on the service provider and selected rate.

Do you have further questions? - Our logistics department will be happy to advise you.

TOC - Total Organic Carbon

Please observe the information in our leaflet on TOC sampling.

We can provide you with sample containers free of charge on request.

​​​​​​​Please contact our customer service department.


Microbiology samples - Guidelines for sample receipt times

When is the optimal time to deliver samples for microbiological testing?

Please note that samples for microbiological testing must arrive by 3.00pm Mon-Thurs and by 12.00pm on Fridays in order to be prepared on the same day.

In some cases, special arrangements can be made via the customer service department.

Water samples for microbiological testing - transport and cooling

Pharmaceutical water for microbiological testing:

According to regulations, the water must not be cooled until analysis. Samples must be prepared on the day of sample collection. We encourage you to send us the samples by express post.

Drinking water samples for microbiological testing:

Please observe our leaflet on the topic of how to take water samples. 

Do you have any questions regarding
the ordering process?

Should you have further questions relating to the ordering process or to customer-specific orders,
please contact our customer service department.