Based on the philosophy of Total Quality Management, all quality-relevant and business management processes are aligned correctly with each other and systematically further developed. In the interests of achieving success for our customers, we have also implemented the principles of the European Foundation of Quality Management (EFQM).


Our vision

We are the recognised centre in Switzerland for high quality pharmaceutical and foodstuff analyses with tailor-made customer service. We make an important contribution to the quality of medicines and foodstuffs and create a substantial level of added value for our customers.


Our mission

For reliable results.


Our Market

We are focussed on the sectors of pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs and related areas in Switzerland and the EU region. We offer our customers services tailor-made to their requirements in the areas of analytics and spray drying. We know and respect our competitors and we are one step ahead of them.

Focussing on the Customer

We know and understand our customers. We are focused on the requirements and expectations of our customers. We create and maintain excellent and long-term relationships with our customers and work together with them for their success.

High quality comes from processes and facts

Quality is a strategic success factor for us. The quality of our performance is the result of defined processes and responsibilities. Our customers make decisions based on the quality of our services. We fulfil the cGMP, ISO17025 and SWISS GAAP FER quality standards.

Continual Improvement

We promote technical expertise and personal development through targeted further training. We consider ourselves to be an organisation that is learning and take advantage of continual learning for improvement and innovation.

Results oriented

We pursue a market and profitability oriented pricing policy. We generate an appropriate level of profit to finance our investments and to secure our jobs and the long-term future of our company.

Our Employees

As employees, we are the intellectual capital and the driving force of our company; we are well educated, technically and socially competent as well as being willing to accept change. Our personalities and our capabilities are promoted and our potential is deployed to the best advantage of the enterprise. We work actively with the company processes, we are willing to work, target oriented and we show self-initiative, we take on responsibility and we are aware of our skills and competences.

We maintain a culture of openness and trust, characterised by mutual respect and tolerance. We contribute actively towards a good working environment; the interest and pleasure that we get from our work is an advantage for us, for our activities and for our customers. Constructive criticism helps us further; any tensions or conflicts are discussed early, considered and then solved.

Our remuneration is based on the role, the personal performance, the company results and on social aspects. Progressive working conditions and attractive social benefits are a part of the package.

Social Responsibility

We place high ethical demands on our actions, we recognise our social responsibility and pay attention to criteria for ecologically sustainable interaction with our resources.


Results oriented

We work in a performance and results-oriented manner, based on our targets for the year, the masterplan, personal agreements on objectives and also based on our daily work planning. We recognise good performance and support the achievement of objectives by active controlling and constructive criticism.


We are ready to take a prominent stance, to make decisions and then to advocate and implement them. We perform successfully, by seeing managerial responsibilities as a challenge, by willingly accepting responsibility and making decisions courageously.


We inform quickly and in a way appropriate to the target group; we communicate clearly and honestly, thereby strengthening mutual trust.


We delegate tasks, competences and responsibility according to the capabilities of our employees and hence promote personal responsibility. Delegation does not absolve us from target monitoring.


The team creates success. We are a part of a team; we incorporate this team in our decision-making process without conceding our managerial responsibility. We promote teamwork across our departmental boundaries.

A Process of Improvement

We motivate people to question existing processes and to bring in suggestions for improvements.

Further Development

We are always ready to confront new challenges, to adopt change and to update our skills and knowledge on a continual basis.

Role Model

We say what we do and we do what we say. We represent the company and its values both internally and externally and contribute to the decisions that are made.

Infrastructure and Methods

All instrumental resources at a glance. Large selection of instruments and technology from UFAG Laboratories


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