More accurate yeast detection in soft drinks

Fruit juices, fruit-juice and soft drinks are fertile breeding grounds for yeast. Consequently, one of the key areas of the release analysis of cold-aseptic-filled batches is examining these for yeast contamination.

By introducing a modern analytical technique that involves identifying individual yeast cells after a pre-enrichment process, UFAG Laboratorien AG has been able to considerably reduce analysis times. 
Yeast detection via flow cytometry is far more sensitive for many products than the classic microbiological method. Batch releases at bottling plants can be accelerated by up to three days using this detection method, which provides exceptionally high sensitivity for yeast contamination.

In his article “More Accurate Yeast Detection in Soft Drinks”, published in Lebensmittel-Technologie, issue 06/2013, Jochen Büttner gives an overview of the advantages of flow cytometry for the release analysis of soft drinks.

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Flow cytometry in drink analysis
Flow cytometry in drink analysis
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