Hygiene control

Microbiological criteria serve as a basis for determining whether foodstuffs and their manufacturing and distribution processes are acceptable or not.
The microbiology field workers at UFAG LABORATORIEN supports companies from the food industry in complying with their quality and safety concepts.

In the case of product controls, Hygiene Officers collect food samples on-site, which are then analysed and evaluated in the laboratory according to the parameters to be tested and in accordance with the specifications of the Swiss Food Compendium or in-house benchmarks.

In the case of hygiene controls, personnel, operating and production hygiene are also reviewed and measures are derived where possible.

Reminder: New Hygiene Regulation

In terms of harmonisation between the food laws of Switzerland and those of the EU, the new Hygiene Regulation (HYV, SR 817.024.1) came into force on 1 January 2007 with a transitional period of six months. This resulted in some changes for manufacturing companies and wholesalers, as well as changes in the execution (see the article “Adaptation of the Swiss Ordinance on Food Hygiene”, published in the journal “Lebensmittelindustrie”, issue 3/4 2007.)

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Proben vom Hygiene-Monitoring: Abholung durch einen Aussendienstmitarbeiter
Samples from hygiene monitoring: collected by a member of field staff
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